Since Starting Trading in 1991
Tomita U.K. Ltd has seen increased
growth in its turnover from
300,000 in its first year of
trading to over 4.6 million in 2002, a reflection of success Tomita UK Ltd through service, quality and pricing which our customers now expect from us as we help their production lines keep running, week in week out 

With knowledge and engineering
expertise of Tomita personnel a
full service and technical backup
is offered to give ultimate customer satisfaction. Due to the nature of Tomita UK Ltd's business a swift and efficient response is assured with a weekly shipment by air
(departure Mondays, arrivals
Fridays) from Tomita Japan.
Tomita UK Ltd
Tomita UK Ltd
Tomita UK Ltd
Tomita UK Ltd
Tomita UK Ltd
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Tomita UK Ltd
Our niche market place makes us unique as we are able to source and supply all Japanese products, whether it be a complete production line or just a simple control motor that is unique to your engineering system.

We have an impressive portfolio of International Clients who depend upon our support.


Tomita UK

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Denso End
Junkosha Nitto
Koki NSD Orii
Taiyo tomita,
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Junkosha, Equipment,
Pneumatics, Hydraulics, Conveyors,
endo, Machines
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Tomita UK Ltd
Tomita UK Ltd
Tomita UK Ltd